With the progress of the Internet, we no longer have to travel as we used to. Having an experienced pro as a guest lecturer is made possible with Skype and FaceTime. Dick Hodgin offers beginner, intermediate and advanced lectures to your audio students. Join him as he gives entertaining tours of legendary Osceola Studios, shares anecdotes of famous artists, all while discussing real applications in real recording environments. Your students are able to interact with a seasoned professional on virtually any recording subject. Question and answer periods at the end of each lecture. Contact us today to arrange a virtual lecture for your audio students.


A manager, producer, engineer, booking agent, publicist, promoter, tour manager, sound man, travel agent, radio promoter and baby sitter, he brings to the table an extremely well rounded insight that is invaluable to the students in our Introduction to Music Industry Arts program here at Algonquin College. His invaluable insight brings a quality to the classroom that is unmatched by today’s standard lectures. 

By joining the Production classroom every year from his studio via Skype sessions, his sharp wit and knowledge, immediately engages the students into riding on a magical tour of music industry dialogue. His decades of working with top charting artists and covering the many roles in the ‘biz’, he connects with today’s diverse classroom, channeling their visions and thoughts and bringing a true insight into all aspects of the art of music.

Every Music Industry Arts student needs the opportunity to embrace the truly exceptional experience of Dick Hodgin.

Lou Di Millo
Introduction to Music Industry Arts
Algonquin College
Ottawa, ON., Canada

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