A warm, working environment, designed for comfort as well as functionality.  Multi-line access plates throughout the tracking and isolation rooms allow total connectivity with Osceola's control room. Separate headphone mixes allow multiple, simultaneous musician tracking. In addition to the main tracking room, we have 3 isolation booths available for separation.

New Heppa filters, with UV-C sanitizing, combine for the new reality in the fight against Corona Virus

Control Room

Osceola's control room (designed by Tom Hidley) is ground zero for all recording sessions. Roomy and comfortable, artists are afforded an impressive view of the ongoing session work by artists and engineers. The marriage of vintage analog to modern digital technology is on full display. 

Home Studio Friendly

Osceola Studios is very Home Studio friendly. If you've got tracks/beats/vocals/instruments that need tuning, editing or just general improvement, we can lend a hand. We work with producers of all kinds to mix their beats and help them bring the quality up to commercial standards. Doing some vocals at home? We can help with pitch correction, editing, alignment and special effects to help your project take on a bigger presentation.  Simply bring in your Pro Tools sessions, or exported audio files, and we can tune em up for you. Need to step it up with a better commercial mix? Let us show you how to achieve that.

Professional Podcasts, Audio Books and Voiceover

Step up your online game with our state-of-the-art equipment, editing and mixing. Skype with editors and directors around the world for your poscasts. We've done work for television, radio, popular podcasting and just about every genre you need.  Our sophisticated microphones, mic pre's, outboard gear and digital recording/editing make that professional sound just a call away. 

The Osceola Difference

Dick HodginDick Hodgin has been in the music business for 40 years as a producer, engineer and manager. He relocated to the triangle in 1982 from South Carolina, and opened M80 Management Company in 1985. Dick has a reputation for sharp, honest, no punches pulled advice and counsel, which has earned him “The Dream Assassin” nickname... {READ MORE}